Spradley Barr Wind Chill Cycling’s mission is to provide an environment for amateur cyclists to develop their race potential and create a highly competitive team of cyclists in events throughout the Rocky Mountain region.


Founded in 2009, the amateur cycling team is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with members living throughout the Front Range of Wyoming and Colorado. In 2009, we created a race team, which consisted of 6 skilled amateur cyclists that competed in local races throughout the area.


Today, our members compete in various cycling disciplines: road, time trials, criteriums, triathlons, and mountain. We are dedicated to building relationships that will support our events, team, athletes and sponsors. We have a core group of racers, but an equally strong group of recreational cyclists. Most importantly, our members enjoy cycling and the company of friends who share our passion.


For the 2013 season, the team has grown to include 16 Race Team members and 21 Event Team members.

Race Team Riders

Edward Bird | Cheyenne, WY
Ty Wright | Cheyenne, WY
Robert Wilson | Cheyenne, WY
Jim Fahling | Cheyenne, WY
Mike Sibbald | Fort Collins, CO
Lance Francis | Kemmerer, WY
Kirk Adams | Cheyenne, WY
Joe Dailey | Cheyenne, WY
Carlos Alers | Fort Collins, CO
Lynn Babbitt | Cheyenne, WY
Jason Bird | Cheyenne, WY
John Cox | Cheyenne, WY
Larry Jensen | Cheyenne, WY
Bob Koehler | Cheyenne, WY
Shareen Muldrow | Cheyenne, WY
Mike Rosenthal | Cheyenne, WY

Development Team Riders

Susan Martinovich | Cheyenne, WY
Doug Smith | Cheyenne, WY
John Firnett |
Scott Schochtert |
Mike Boswell |
Chris Donegon | Windsor, CO
Bill Doutt | Fort Collins, CO
Michael Londe | Cheyenne, WY
Mike Reams | Cheyenne, WY
Peter Sahd | Loveland, CO
Jody Siltzer | Cheyenne, WY
Dan Sprangers | Cheyenne, WY
Dave Coons | Cheyenne, WY
Chris Hall | Cheyenne, WY
Susan Londe | Cheyenne, WY